The Dialogue

This is our live outdoor People to People Interactive forum or Talk Show. For the first time on the Liberian Media Landscape, People have the opportunity to speak directly to their Leaders especially policy makers about policies that affect their lives. The people and their leaders meet face to face here in town halls formally and informally or just simply open air and impromptu gatherings and are provided the space and chance to exchange views on critical National and community issues. Deliberations from the forums are broadcast live at most locations, recorded and produced into one hour radio and TV programs for subsequent broadcast and rebroadcast on our network of 45 media partners across Liberia. This is our space for real people to people dialogue and conversations.  

This is our newest platform. DUCOR DEBATES was launched in 2016 with the aim of creating a space for sustained conversational dialogue style regionalized debates for the first time in Liberia. DUCOR DEBATES plans, organizes and conducts public debates at all levels and spheres of the Liberian society. We bring political and policy making leaders, aspirants and candidates face to face with the people with the deliberations being broadcast live, recorded, produced and syndicated for subsequent rebroadcast weekly on a partner network of 45 National and rural Community Radios across the nation. The DUCOR DEBATES since its launch has ventured into National Debates of all kinds, from national presidential through senatorial to representative, as a means of participatory inclusiveness in the country’s democratic transition. The launch of DUCOR DEBATES came out of the LMDI’s desire to make debate a culture of Liberian democracy.

Tomorrow's People

This is our children and youths platform sensitive. This is about  children and youth issues. Here children and youths are themselves producers and presenters. They are trained in all kinds of electronic media work leading to this production. They go into the field, gather contents, compile, script, produce and present with supervision from our radio and drama producers and trainers. TOMORROW’S PEOPLE for the last four years embarked a rather ambitious national general knowledge quizzing and Spelling Bee competitions for Liberian school children. Since the launch of the academic exercise, TOMORROW’S PEOPLE has run four successive annual sessions and has just opened year five  of the annual events. As the National Academic games were meant to ignite academic competition and excellence, they have in the short time become the beacon of studious efforts by Liberian school children who now crave to enter the competitions as a means of showcasing their academic prowess.