The Liberia Media for Democratic Initiatives (LMDI), the facilitator and owner of Liberia’s first and leading media and community outreach blended set of People To People Democracy, Governance and Development Engagement and Public Education Platforms, THE DIALOGUE, DUCOR DEBATES and TOMORROW’S PEOPLE announces that it will hold a candidates debate for the contestants of the major posts in the 2022 elections of the Press Union of Liberia on Monday October 31, 2022.

Candidates exchange
Daniel and Julius

The LMDI debate for the PUL 2022 elections is being held under the sustained debate platform, “DUCOR DEBATES and will take place at the University of Liberia FENDALL Campus along the Monrovia to Kakata Highway, beginning at 10:00am. The debate is expected to feature the contestants for the posts of President, Vice President and Secretary General.

The LMDI Debate team has made initial contacts with the campaign teams of Messrs. Julius Kanubah and Daniel Nyakonah, the two presidential candidates in the PUL elections and there are early signs of their candidates willingness to attend participate in the Monday debate session.

Contacts are being made with Bettie Johnson Mbao and Beatrice Tetee Sieh, Vice Presidential candidates and Akoi Baysah Jr. the lone candidate for the post of Secretary General to attend.

The candidates in the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) Elections 2022 are:

1. Akoi M. Baysah ———Secretary General

2. Bettie Johnson Mbao— Vice President

3. Beatrice Tetee Sieh—– Vice President

4. Julius Kullie Kanubah-—-President

5. Daniel Nyakonah——- President

Monday’s debate will be broadcast live on national community radios and our affiliate social media platforms and subsequently rebroadcast on LMDI partner network of 45 National and Rural Community Radios around Liberia. This is an effort to create an independent space for the plurality of voices in Liberia’s general elections circle and democratic space and make debate a culture of Liberia’s emerging post conflict democracy.

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