Tomorrow’s People: W.V.S Tubman Gray becomes The Central Regional Champion

W.V.S Tubman Gray High School is the Champion of Bong and the Central Regional Champion of Tomorrow’s People Year 4 County & Regional Competitions.

W.V.S Tubman Gray School Students
W.V.S Tubman Gray Team

Margibi County County, closer to urban Liberia from the Central Region will be the last of this latest leg of the LMDI journey to complete the Year Four (4) session of the LMDI National Academic Challenge Competition.

The LMDI-NACC sessions nationwide are conducted under the organization’s child and youth sensitive People to People media and community outreach blended platform, TOMORROW’S PEOPLE, one of three run by the LMDI. The other two platforms are THE DIALOGUE and DUCOR DEBATES.

LMDI Director John Kollie says the latest conduct of the National Academic Challenge Competition is marred by a grim lack of resources to sustain the set of competitions, the nation’s only nationwide all inclusive academic brain teasing games for Liberian school children and youths of all levels.

The LMDI-NACC is inclusive of High School General Knowledge Quizzing for Boys and Girls, Spelling Bee and Multiplication table competition for primary school children across the nation.

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