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Here's the impact the National Academic Challenge Competition has on Liberian Students.

Stephen Darway

''I benefited mainly from the English category during my 2019 exams. I did prepare for the game but didn't participate. Furthermore, I had so much love for the game that I recorded the game at 7 pm on Truth Fm every Tuesday and on other radio stations. As a result of this, I familiarized myself with most of the questions. During the National Exam, I came across most of the LMDI Literature in English questions and that gave me more advantage on the exam. Thanks to Mr. Kollie and his team for uplifting, and unifying the educational system.''

Stephen Darway Student of SOS Hermann Gmeiner International School
Jonathan Saye

"During my last academic year(2016-2017)as Captain of Amos T. Taybior Institute, LMDI helped me and my teammates to be nationally recognized by many Liberians because of its strong publicity and outreach. Now I’m a National Quizzer."

Jonathan Saye Student of Amos T. Taybior Institute
Mark Jarwulou

"The Liberia Media For Democratic Initiatives-LMDI impacted me a lot during my high school days; especially in 2016/ 2017, when I was in the quizzical revolution with other quizzers, and exposed my academic gallantry to many Liberians in and out of the country. I'm actually grateful to the LMDI family for the role playing in the struggle of the eradication of the mindset that our country (Liberia) education sector is a mess."

Mark Jarwulou Student of Patmelia Academy School System

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LMDI Annual Quizzing Announcement


Tomorrow's People

ZEE-MAANNEH, ZEE-MAANNEH, “WHO’S MOVING AND WHO’S DROPPING” The Liberia Media for Democratic Initiatives (LMDI), the owner and facilitator of the LMDI National Academic Challenge Competition (LMDI-NACC) extends gratitude to its well-wishers for ensuring the success of YEAR FOUR (4) and the start of Year Five (5)  of its National General Knowledge Quizzing Competition across the nation. 

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